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Steam Shower Information

Steam Shower Cubicle

When specifying a new steam shower please allow room for assembly and maintenance purposes.  The Aquaplus range of steam showers are easy to assemble and install.  We have models ranging from ones with a standard shower tray incorporating a steam cabin cubicle to a whirlpool spa bath with steam combination enclosure.  The steam shower units come with an electronic control panel that features a host of functions such as steam timer, radio, lighting, volume and much more.  You can select from quadrants, offset cubicles, or bath replacements, in fact we have many sizes to cover most situations.  The site requirements are that you must have a balanced supply of hot and cold water, 13amp electrical supply (except the AP160 model), and a standard waste connection.   We do recommend fitting a pressure equalising valve (PEV) to unbalanced water supplies such as those from gas weather heaters, combi boilers, unvented hot water systems etc.  The PEV will balance the hot and cold feed to the thermostatic controller in the steam shower, as a fluctuating supply could cause damage to the thermostatic cartridge.  It’s also advisable to fit a water softener in hard water areas to avoid scale build in inside the steam generator, body jets, or shower heads.  Also we supply the “Shower Guard” product which will keep the glass free from scum and soap build up and make it easier to clean.  Maintain your new shower enclosure with Shower Guard to retain and preserve long term transparency.  Now you can also connect your favourite music from your iPod, iPhone, iPad, MP3 player, hifi, stereo or most other music sources to your Aquaplus steam shower easily and without wires using the iShower.
Full of features

• Complete all in solution
• Tub, walls and roof all included
• Tempered glass doors
• Overhead rain shower
• Hand shower head
• Shower mixer
• Diverter
• Back body jets
• Electronic control panel
• FM Radio
• Lighting
• Steam shower
• iShower compatible