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Hydro Showers

Aquaplus distribution believes in providing you the very best in steam showers and whirlpool technology but at a price that you can afford. There is nothing more pleasurable than indulging in a relaxing bathe within a whirlpool bath or receiving a tranquil massage within the confines of your very own steam shower. The steam showers are a true revolution to the bathroom providing an enhancement to the décor whilst allowing you the very latest in state of the art technology and entertainment all combined within a self contained unit. But not all of us want all the high tech gadgetry such as the radio, television and so on. Many of us just prefer to enjoy a tranquil bathe in peace and quiet.

Well now Aquaplus Distribution are able to provide you with a solution that will not only allow you to save on money but also offers you with all the health benefits our main steam showers offer but without all the electronic gadgetry. These are the Hydro Jet Showers or Massage Showers.

The Hydro Jet Massage Showers come in a selection of sizes and are similar to the main selection of steam showers in the fact that they are all self contained units but you have the choice of exactly what features you require. Such as the standard hydro massage shower that allows you all the benefits of massage by featuring strategically positioned jets within the side walls of the unit. This delightful shower comes with shower tray, hand shower, assembly kit and beautifully finished chrome controls all without electrics.

The next edition in the hydro range is similar to the one mentioned previously but has a wider selection of features combined with electronic control panel. These features include built in lighting, radio, overhead monsoon rainfall effect and drainage kit. And lastly we offer the largest option within the hydro collection where this deluxe unit provides you with additional extras allowing you to choose either a standard shower, with whirlpool or with whirlpool and steam. These excellent systems allow you the very best in relaxation all at a fraction of the price of the main steam showers, so call us today to purchase your very own hydro jet massage shower.