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Shop for your new aquasauna from the shower cubicle site. Now you can experience the luxury of a health spa sauna in your own home without paying expensive leisure club fees. Depending on what space is available you will be able to select from a single person sauna to a four or five person model.  We ensure all our saunas have passed the CE, ROHS and ETL certification and the manufacturing is carried out to the international ISO9001 quality management procedures.
The main features of a sauna include weight loss, increased metabolism, relaxation, and heat therapy. As an example a 10 to 20 minute session can increase the heart rate between 50 to 75% resulting in the similar metabolic result to actual physical exercise but without as much effort. The increased cardiac load is that equivalent to a brisk walk. The result is that nutrients are brought out to the surface resulting in a healthy looking glowing skin. In addition to this the heat produces relief from aches, pains and general tiredness. It’s ideal for relaxing in after a good session of physical exercise as you can revive the tired and strained muscles. It can promote clear complexion and healthy skin after the cleansing effect of perspiration. The biggest health benefit you may gain is the relaxisation induced. Modern life is full of stress and a growing list of daily tasks etc, all of which can lead to the root of health problems... A session in a sauna is a great way to relax and unwind at the end of the day and promote a nice deep sleep.

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