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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are interested in one of our luxurious steam showers and shower cubicles there are a few requirements you must adhere to. Below you will find a complete list of essential requirements that will ensure your steam shower will run like a dream.

Q. How do I connect my IPOD / CD Player?

.Under the tub you will find a phono socket near the steam generator. The cable length must not be more than 6 metres.

Q. What are the electrical requirements?

A. You will need to consult an electrician if you want to place the socket in the bathroom, or you will need a standard 13 amp socket if outside the bathroom. (except for model AP160 - Pls see the seperate spec sheet for this model). If you have a whirlpool then you will need 2 sockets.

Q. Will it work from a combi boiler?

A. As most modern combi boilers provide 2 bar of pressure it is adequate. A pressure reducing valve should be used on the cold otherwise the thermostat will malfunction due to uneven supply pressure.

Q. What water systems do the unit run from?

A. Modern combi boilers and unvented hot water systems should be ok. On all high pressure water systems pressure reducing valve should be used on the cold otherwise the thermostat will malfunction due to uneven supply pressure. Tank fed systems may require a pump.

Q. How much water pressure do I need?

A. Between 1.5 bar and 3 bar but we do recommend 2 bar on the hot & cold for best performance.

Q. What is the flow rate?

A. That depends on your water pressure. Typically at 2 bar these units will provide approximately 14 to 16 litres.

Q. What plumbing connections?are required?

A. You will need a hot & cold water inlet connection and a waste water outlet.

Q. Do you offer an installation service?

A. We will only supply the product.

Q. Do these units work in hard water? areas?

A. it is advisable to fit an inline water softener to avoid damage to the steam generator, shower heads and water jets.

Q. What warranty do I get?

A. We provide a one year parts warranty against manufacturing defect.

Q. Do you supply spare parts?

A. Yes we try to keep parts for all our products in stock. If there is something we do not have then we will try to obtain it for you.

Q. Do they come with instructions??

A. Yes instructions are provided.

Q. What type of surface can I fit these on?

A. We recommended a flat floor preferably tiled. A carpeted, vinyl or laminate floor should not be used.

Q. Do you carry these products in stock?

A. With 80,000 square foot of storage we try to ensure that our warehouses are well stocked to service our stockists in nationwide UK, Northern & Southern Ireland.

Q. Can I see these products on display?

A. Please check the Showrooms page to find your nearest dealer.  Always call before travelling.

Extra Info:

*The steam showers/cabins need extra clearance at top for assembly purposes. Also leave room to allow access to back for maintenance purposes. The cubicles could be a bit lower than the overall measurement as the overall measurement generally includes the head.